Political Campaign Signage Use and Benefits

It can be obvious, but if you’re campaigning for your political race- you need campaign signage. Weighing your options and understanding the benefits and uses for your marketing endeavors can be confusing and at worst, expensive. Some of the worst political races are the ones that are already over- straight out of the gate. We can thank uninformed, misinformation for this tragedy on otherwise well intending candidates. As political signage professionals, we have a say on the matter of course.

Your first indication as a political marketer is to go large. While billboards and large site signs have shown to work to great effect audience retentions, you have to also weigh the very real cost that comes with larger signage. Not only this, but larger campaign signage often has much larger restrictions on placement and space availability in accordance to state or county laws. Though that is not to say they are without use, as mentioned large site signs are notoriously superior to an average yard sign in visibility and social impact. Not only this, but larger signs have the general effect of feeling ‘more important,’ on some subconscious level the viewer will assume that the extra size measures out to a larger, more organized campaign attached to it. You could draw parallels to Egyption Emperors or Greek God’s and their taste for extravagant, lavous forms of display. Size, plays a mental role as much as it plays a physical role in gaining the attention of your audience.

Like going big with your signage, the natural urge may be push for quantity over quality. While this notion isn’t without merit and having a far weaker message than your opponents due to a lack of distribution certainly won’t help. However, keep in mind the importance of creating memorable political signage. Hiring a graphic artist, or simply having a bit of creativity yourself can mean a world of difference if you’re attempting to show true professionalism and a sense of independence from your opponents. This is where quality over quantity can make the most impact, though this shouldn’t deter you from also providing the means for your campaign to successfully distribute your message.

Leading off this, we must consider the right design for the right signage. As the old saying doesn’t go, ‘all signs aren’t made the same.’ Truthfully, it’s smart to create a design that is moldable enough to be identifiable enough to your audience, but also pliable enough that you can move your logo, tagline or campaign information from signage to signage regardless of the size or scale of the signage. Generally this can be achieved by creating the elements independently from each other and finding creative solutions to then recombining them, like lego blocks- the divided parts need to work on their own, but also be capable of building upon each other.

Political signage doesn’t need to be complicated and with the right set of tools and the understanding to achieve your goals we’re confident your campaign will be a winning success. Keep in mind the principles of quality and quantity and don’t be afraid to go large.


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