6 Interesting uses of Political Magnets in the USA

Most of us have divided opinions on what the Presidential elections results will yield this November. However, one thing is clear…. aggressive promotion of political ideas and agendas are impacting minds like never before. As the presidential elections heat up, both political parties are working towards promoting their candidate aggressively. Political signs are a way of educating the masses about a candidate and what their political party stands for. These could be anything from political magnets, yard signs, bumper stickers, pamphlets, hoardings etc. The concept is to get your message across to those who matter, the people. After all, the common man rarely gets the opportunity to personally meet and size up each candidate; and not everyone is interested in political ideologies. The only time people remember politicians is during elections.

Magnets are in fashion! There are so many who collect souvenirs for their refrigerators when they travel abroad. It is the new craze. So why not capitalize on this and advertise through magnets. This write-up particularly explores possible and interesting use of political magnets in the USA.

Political Car Magnets

Now this is a sure fire way of attracting a younger crowd, which are more involved in politics than ever before. Large and small magnets with a political messages, slogans and candidate profile are great publicity tools. Attractively colored and designed magnets on cars get your political message on the move! As the vehicle moves from one part of the city to another, the more people are exposed to a particular message or slogan. They work as stimulators and generate interest in your candidate, party and political agenda.

Political truck magnets

These ideally should be large and brightly colored. They serve the same purpose as the ones that are on cars. They are designed to attract attention while they adorn huge trucks, containers and commercial vehicles.

Rally Souvenirs

When your party organizes large scale political rallies and marches, you can arrange for distributing keepsakes, small gifts and souvenirs. People like to receive pamphlets, stickers, magnets, ribbons, pens etc. This creates a warm and conducive environment and creates a bond with the candidate and their constituency. These things are natural crowd pleasers.

Refrigerator Magnets

An attractive political slogan with your party candidates’ picture on a magnet is just what you’d want a prospective voter to own! So why not give out political magnets designed for refrigerators during rallies, all political functions or by mass mailings.

Political magnets for office spaces

Now this is tricky, placing magnets on office notice boards, in the breakroom or even on a filing cabinet could indicate a bias towards a particular political party and may be against company policy. So, while a great idea to show support for a particular candidate, best check with human resources to make sure company policies aren’t being broken. These signs and stickers can often serve as reminders to busy personnel that they must remember to cast their vote. Casting a vote at the ballot box is an important duty and responsibility as an American. When busy people don’t mark their calendar or have a set reminder, they may miss their chance to vote. Constant, attractive visual reminders help in increasing voter turnout.

Political magnets for coffee shops

If every table in a Starbucks could feature colourful political magnets and is a great way to let people know about candidates and their political agenda. This is a great way to promote a message to everyone from corporate execs who meet up for informal discussions to the young with impressionable minds.

The above mentioned are just a few ways you can use political magnets to grab eyeballs. There is so much more that you can do with these promotional items!

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